2009-2012    Falmouth University

Full-time Practice-based  PhD Research in Reading and Writing with a Tree: Practising Nature Writing as Enquiry        

Director of Studies: Dr Mark Leahy        

Examiners: Professor Carol Watts (Birkbeck) & Dr Ric Allsopp (Falmouth)   Chair: Professor John Hall (Falmouth) 

Keywords: Performance Writing; Environment; Ecopoetics; Embodied Knowledge.    


2005-2007   Royal Holloway, University of London 

MA with Distinction in Modernism & Modern Writers                            

Modules: Modernism (CORE); Postmodernism (CORE); James Joyce; Virginia Woolf; Postmodern Literature.    

Dissertation: Does Mr Joyce direct an Irish Word Ballet? Reading Finnegans Wake as a Dance.         


2001-2005   Trinity College, Dublin

BA Hons in English and Philosophy                                                        

Dissertation Topics: Yeats (1900-1916); James Joyce’s Ulysses & Finnegans Wake.



2013-ongoing  Independent Researcher


2012               Founding Member of Articulating Space Research Group, Falmouth


2009-2012     Full-time PhD: Reading and Writing with a Tree: Performing Nature Writing as Enquiry

A practice-based, heuristic doctoral research project investigating the ecopoetic significance of an embodied, materially-engaged writing practice, as a method of environmental knowledge generation in relation to one particular tree: a practice-based investigation of ‘writing’ and ‘nature’.  Successfully completed within funding time-frame.


2009-2012      Member of Performance Writing Research Group, Falmouth



Contemporary Innovative Poetics; Ecopoetics; Radical Landscape Writing; Performance Writing; Materiality of Literature; Embodied Approaches to Literacy; Embodied Knowledge; Cognitive Philosophy; Book Art; Hybrid Art Forms; Modernism; James Joyce.



Falmouth University PhD Studentship (2009-2012)

TCD Entrance Exhibition (2001-2003)

Sixth Form Bursary (1998-2000)



June 2014       ‘Keynote: Considering Language as Environment’ in Performing Research – Researching Performance: Sight, Site, Cite Symposium, Bristol University.

May 2014        Artist’s Talk for Still Points : Moving World, Bath Fringe Festival.

May 2014        In Conversation at Still Points : Moving World Artist SymposiumBath Fringe Festival.

Oct 2013         Guest speaker at The Apple Anthology launch, Warwick University.

Aug 2013        Guest speaker at the NATURES tent, Wilderness Festival (curated by Louise Carver).



‘Entropological Ecopoetics: A Hybrid Model of Creative-Critical Practice’ in Flow and Fracture from North America, Europe & Beyond: Reflections, Refractions and Diffractions within the Ecopoetic Avant-Garde (Poetry Lab) at Université Libre de Bruxelles (4-5th Dec 2014).

‘Methods to Match Our Mountains: Language-Making as Environmental Praxis’ in Green Connections: Environmental Response and the Arts, Exeter University (5th September 2014).

‘Collaging Environment: Rethinking Environment through Environmental Reform’ in The Poetics of Collage at The Centre for Creative Collaboration, London (16th May 2014). 

‘Things Fall Apart: Entropological Poetics as Practical Deconstruction’ Conference on Ecopoetics University of Berkeley, California (February 22nd-24th 2013).

 ‘Reading and Writing with a Tree: Environmental Utterance as Mind Formation’ Environmental Utterance: A Performative Conference, Falmouth University (1st & 2nd September 2012).

‘Material’ Conservation: The Presence of ‘Nature in Literature’  Literature and Conservation: Responsibilities Trinity College, Dublin (2nd-4th September, 2011).

‘Reading and Writing with a Tree: An Enquiry into the Performance of ‘Nature Writing” Emergent Environments: Where Next for the Humanities? Queen Mary University, London E1 (9th & 10th September, 2011).

‘Reading and Writing with a Tree: Reading Embodied Experience & Embodied Reading Experience’ Interfaces: encounters beyond the page/screen/stage Exeter University (29th January, 2011).

‘The Importance of Being There: A Discussion of Alec Finlay’s Mesostic Herbarium and Heidegger’s ‘Dasein’ Cosmopoetics: Mediating a New World Poetics Durham University (8th-10th September, 2010).



Book Chapters

(2014) ‘Appling’ in Ttoouli, G. & Reddick, Y. (eds.) Apple Anthology. Coventry: Nine Arches Press.


Journal Articles

(2012) ‘Writing Nature / Page (Re) Form’ in Huebener, P. & Szabo-Jones, L. (eds.) The Goose, vol 11.                         



(forthcoming) Riddle Me This. London: ninerrors press.

(2014) various. Pen Selwood: Singing Apple Press.

(2014) ‘kynance’, ‘incoming’ and typically blind’ in The Clearing

(2014) ‘granite lump’, ‘auspice’, moon’ and ‘hallucinating spring’ in Blackie, S. (ed.) Earthlines vol.9.

(2014) ‘congrajulashuns’ in Jaconbson, M. (ed.) The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing.

(2013) ‘she speaks’ and ‘untitled’ in Jeffreys, T. (ed.) The Learned Pig

(2013)  ‘miracle’, ‘chrysalis’ and ‘fingernail song’ in Sarah Crewe, Pascal O'Loughlin and Linus Slug (eds.) Venus is a Bear. London: Stinky Bear Press.

(2013) ‘through skoulding’ in Hamilton, N. (ed.) Dear World & Everyone In It. London: Bloodaxe Books.

(2012) ‘Thinking Tree Shapes’ in Landscapes: The Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language: Vol. 5: Issue 2, Article 11.

(2012) ‘wrItIng apple’ and ‘from Written Responses to Photographs and Audio Recordings, Reading and Writing with a Tree, 2010-2012’ in Frazer, T. (ed.) Shearsman Magazine 90 & 91.

(2011) ‘nature writing’ and ‘grass work’ in Writers Forearm. London: Writers Forum (New Series).

(2010) ‘hill snow car speak’ in Hamilton, N. & Mackmin, M. (eds.) The RIALTO: Issue 69.

(2010) ‘tree song’ in Godwin, H. & Morris, M. (eds.) Cleaves Journal: Issue 1.

(2009)October’ in Runcie, C. et al (eds.) Pomegranate: Issue 5.          



(forthcoming) ‘Rhys Trimble’s Hexerix’ in The Shearsman Review.

(2014) "The Polymers by Adam Dickinson," The Goose: Vol. 13: Iss.1 Article 26

(2014) ‘Arkhipelagos’ in The Learned Pig

(2014) ‘Royal Academy: Sensing Spaces Architecture Re-Imagined’ in FAD

(2014) ‘Joëlle Tuerlinckx: WOR(L)D(K) IN PROGRESS?’ in The Learned Pig

(2014) ‘Placing Poetry, 2013, Skoulding, Z. & Davidson, I. (eds.), Rodopi’ and ‘Poetry & Geography, 2013, Alexander, N. & Cooper, D. (eds.), Liverpool University Press’ in Blackie, S. (ed.) Earthlines vol.9.

(2013) ‘Nature Reserves, 2013, Tom Jeffreys (curator)’ in FAD

(2013) ‘Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig, 2013, Amy Cutler (curator)’ in The Memory Network.

(2013) ‘Sarah de Leeuw, 2012, Geographies of a Lover, NeWest Press’ in Huebener, P. & Szabo-Jones, L. (eds.) The Goose, vol 12.                       



2014-ongoing            Founding Editor of Singing Apple Press (SAP)

2014-ongoing            Poetry Editor at The Goose

2014-ongoing            Peer Reviewer for NAWE’s Journal of Writing in Education

2013-ongoing            Contributing Editor at The Learned Pig



Sep-Nov 2014  ‘The Same Apple’ & ‘Pages & Pages’ in The Trembling Grass curated by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett as part of the Extreme Imaginations Festival at the Centre for Culture And the Natural World (CCANW), Exeter.

Sep 2014        ‘Poem Factory’ (a performance installation) for the launch of Gill Partington’s Book Destruction, London.

June 2014    ‘Poem Factory’ (a performance installation) at Perversions of Paper curated by Gill Partington at Birkbeck, University of London.

May 2014      ‘Stanza(a performance installation) in Still Points : Moving World curated by Fay Stevens as part of Bath Fringe Festival.

May/June 2014 Paper Serenadein Still Points : Moving World curated by Fay Stevens as part of Bath Fringe Festival.

June 2013     ‘The Forest Writes Itself’ in Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig curated by Amy Cutler (The Belfry, St. John’s Church, Bethnal Green).

May 2013       ‘Tree/Book’ for LEAF (The Little Ecological Arts Festival) curated by Bruno Roubicek (Albion Millenium Green, London).

Nov 2012       ‘Paper Trail’ for Assemblage curated by Karen Pearson in association with Natural England (Yarner Wood, Dartmoor).

Sep 2012        ‘Reading and Writing with a Tree’ curated by Camilla Nelson at The Performance Centre, Tremough Campus, Falmouth University.

Sep 2011        ‘Sloe Writing’, 'In Lieu' & 'Stone Writing' for Gather curated by James Towillis at Goongillings Farm, Constantine, Falmouth, Cornwall.



2014-ongoing  Cardiff Metropolitan University

Associate Poetry Tutor for Cardiff School of Art and Design

Easy Ways Into Poetry: module design and delivery

Language as Environment: Field Project design and delivery; assessment & feedback.


2010 - 2012    Falmouth University

Visiting lecturer on BA ‘Body, Gender and Literature’ module (11/2012)

Assistant lecturer on BA ‘Place, Context & Culture’ module (02-06/2011)

Supervisor of undergraduate mixed media writing project (06/2010)

Renga Workshop Leader (06/2010)

Assistant lecturer on Writing BA (01-06/2010)                       

Roles involved: module, seminar and workshop design and delivery; one-to-one tutorials;

dissertation supervision; essay marking; student feedback.


Oct 2011              Veramand (Nikosia, Cyprus)   Performance Writing Residency  

Role involved: one-on-one tuition & workshop design and delivery.


2008 - 2009  Bonas McFarlane (London)  Private Tutor (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Role involved: needs assessment; course design and delivery for one-on-one tutorials.


2008      La Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III)    Assistant Lecturer (English Language    

Role involved: design and delivery of BA ‘Methodology’ module; exam design; assessment; invigilation.


2008      Europera Formation (Paris)   Full-time Teacher of English as a Foreign Language     

Role involved:  needs assessment; course design and delivery for one-to-one tutorials and small groups, for all ages.



Oct 2014            Extreme Imaginations Workshops (with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett) at CCANW

Sep 2014           Grass Routes: A Peckham Poetry Walk (private commission)

May 2014          Riddle Me this: A Plant + Insect Poem Walk (in collaboration with Linus Slug) as part of Literary Kitchen Festival at The Peckham Pelican.

Oct 2013            Grass Routes at Peckham Literary Festival.

March 2012       ‘Writing with Nature’ workshops at Falmouth University.

Sep 2011            ‘Reading and Writing with the Forest’ at CCANW

Sep 2011            ‘Reading and Writing with the Landscape’ at Gather, Goongillings.

Jan 2011            ‘Reading and Writing with a Tree’ at Falmouth University.



Graduate Advisor for a projected National Centre of Creative Excellence, Taunton funded by The Arts Council & supported by The Royal College of Art (2012).



2013-ongoing  Creativity Works   Volunteer Support Worker

Role involves: Supporting creative groups in the creative progression and development; support of volunteer artists and administrators; inter-organisational working; funding bid applications; planning; evaluation; health & safety.


2013-2014  Creativity Works   Arts Development Worker

Role involved:  Co-ordination of multi-agency project (involving Creativity Works, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust Partnership, Bath Museums, Sirona and St. Mungo’s) entitled Fresh Art @ Hillview; volunteer training and support; administrative support of 20 creative workshops; administrative support and curation of rolling exhibition at Hillview Psychiatric Unit, Bath Fringe Festival (June 2014) and Royal United Hospital in Bath (July-Oct); evaluation & report.


2013      St. Mungo’s    World Mental Health Festival Co-Ordinator 

Role involved: Event management and evaluation of a multi-agency volunteer-led event; peer and volunteer support; publicity; correspondence.


2013       Stourhead (Western) Estate    Tree Work

Role involved: Digging & securing guards to protect young trees across Stourhead (Western) Estate.


2008     The Poetry Society    Temporary Marketing & Education Assistant

Role involved: Co-ordinating the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award (2008); generating national publicity; poetry screening; event organisation; web administration; correspondence.  Publicity, proofreading, and event co-ordination for The National Poetry Award (2008); post.


2004-2006    A P Watt Literary Agency    Trainee Agent’s Assistant & Part-time Office Assistant  

Role involved: manuscript review; editorial; administration & correspondence; post.

Work experience with The Independent, Puffin Publishing, Literary Review, Tatler & GQ.



1-2 Sep 2012        Conference Organiser of Environmental Utterance: A Performative Conference in association with Articulating Space Research Group (Falmouth) 

A conference designed to interrogate, through practice, the role of a university conference environment in the dissemination and formation of knowledge across a variety of arts research practices.


2011-2012      Co-Founder and President ofThe New Independent School of Philosophy (est. 2011)

Interdisciplinary postgraduate seminar series for the dissemination of research between Truro College, Falmouth & Exeter University in Cornwall.


2010-2011       PhD Student Representative, Falmouth

Member of the ‘Research and Degree Programmes Committee’

Member of the ‘Research & Enterprise Committee’



ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment) & ASLE-UKI

NAWE (National Association for Writers in Education)

The Poetry Society



2011            Introductory Course to Teaching in Higher Education (Falmouth)

2007           CELTA (Cambridge English Language Teaching Association)      Grade B (Transfer, Paris)


Languages                                                          Music

High level of spoken French                                Grade 7 singing (merit)

Working knowledge of Italian & German            Grade 5 music theory


Technical                                                            IT  

Bookmaking                                                        MS Office, Adobe CS4, Web 2.0





Dance, Walking, Yoga, Foraging, Food & Drink.





References upon request