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Sarah Blisset - SAP Artist in Residence

Sarah Blissett will take up a week's residency at Singing Apple Press headquarters in order to start work on her new SAP work, Sea-Written. Her work will be showcased as part of the Mere Literary Fringe Festival (5-7th Oct), displayed at Apples & Other Languages @ Beaumont Gallery (5-10th Oct) & will be available to buy at the Bristol Small Press Book Fair on 3rd November. 

During her SAP residency, Sarah will develop a series of poetic texts and recipes working with methods and notions of ‘Curing’ to consider processes of preservation connected to ocean ecologies. Ingredients including seaweed, salt and soil will be written in a variety of forms, unfolding through processes of digestion, composition and decomposition. Processes of writing, cooking and mark-making will explore how marine and terrestrial relations are inscribed in bodies, where fronds of seaweed become pages turned in the soil/sand. These choreographies of cooking will be written in different ways as scores for the web of relations and transformations that happen throughout the practice, shaped by energetic-exchange.

Sarah Blissett is an artist, writer and researcher in performance studies at the University of Roehampton. Her artistic research works with algae organisms to explore materialities of cooking, tasting and digesting to disrupt anthropocentric narratives of production and consumption. Ecological entanglement and trans-corporeal relations are core to her practice, considering how text and materiality can engage with the shifting relations between states and matters of environment. Her work has been published with Something Other and FEAST journal.

Earlier Event: November 9
Walking, Swimming, Reading, Writing