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Caroline Harris - SAP Artist in Residence

Caroline Harris will take up her second residency at Singing Apple Press headquarters in order to finish work on her new SAP production, SCRUB. Her work will be showcased as part of the Mere Literary Fringe Festival (5-7th Oct), displayed at Apples & Other Languages @ Beaumont Gallery (5-10th Oct) & will be available to buy at the Bristol Small Press Book Fair on 3rd November.

‘Scrub’ is defined as vegetation dominated by shrubs or bushes, forming the margin between grassland or heath and woodland, and in coastal locations. Although now recognised as ecologically valuable, it is also seen as a threat: scrub encroaches, and its species can be invasive. In built environments, scrub marks the ever-moving border between the human-made and the other-than-human: the plants of railway tracksides, derelict land, motorway embankments. It is an ecology that is seen as requiring management – generally by cutting, spraying, or uprooting. SCRUB delves into this hinterland, combining cyanotype photograms and letterpress techniques with text poetry made in, inspired by and transcribed from video in a variety of ‘scrub’ settings. Cyanotype is the earliest form of photographic printing, first used for botanical specimens and allowing both direct contact and more mediated printing from digital negatives. SCRUB will also involve the ‘management’ and ‘erasure’ of both plants and text. The project is envisaged as a series of location-specific poem-print pamphlets, beginning with the Singing Apple Press garden, which has been deliberately left relatively uncultivated.

Caroline is a writer, publisher and educator. As a child fascinated by ‘waste ground’ and edgelands, she kept a nature notebook detailing the park life around her suburban home and went on wildflower hunts with her mother. Caroline is the author of Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management (John Murray). She completed an MA Creative Writing (Poetry) at Royal Holloway (2017) for which she was awarded the University of London prize. Her poetry has been published online by The Poetry School and appears in the Bedford Square 10 anthology. Alongside SCRUB, current projects involve the waters of North Cornwall, birds and deer, in a variety of forms, from video to typesetting by hand.  As co-founder of Harris + Wilson, Caroline has created books for global publishers with authors and brands ranging from ethical bakery The Thoughtful Bread Company to Dorset Cereals. Caroline is a Senior Lecturer in Publishing at Bath Spa University.